Flux & Patina Cleaner

Eliminates 'White Mold' caused by flux and/or patina corroding your project.
No longer need to wash your project in water.  To neutralize the flux or patina, just spray on Kwik-Clean and wipe off.

Works on copper foil (soldered) and lead (soldered joints).

The Kwik-Clean solution is a liquid, not a gel.  So it goes under the foil (in the air pockets where patina can be hiding) and neutralizes the flux and patina.  This is the area where White Mold starts to form.

The Kwik-Clean solution, when sprayed on the solder joint, easily rolls completely around the joint removing all the flux.  After the patina is applied, Kwik-Clean goes into the little pockets left in the putty and neutralizes any patina hiding there.

Kwik-Clean is a liquid which wipes off with just a paper towel.  No need to use water, unlike the gel types of neutralizers.

Clean up flux and patina without a sink or water hose.

No need to mix or dilute. After you have completed soldering one or both sides of your project, spray on Kwik-Clean. Typically, with a paper towel to clean the project thoroughly.

You may use the same paper towel or use a clean one to apply the patina. Mixing the Kwik-Clean with the Patina gives added cleaning of the flux and a finer tone on the patina.

After Patina is applied, clean again with Kwik-Clean.

Polish the project as you normally would.

On pieces where White Mold is already present: clean off the white mold with steel wool. Patina the project again and clean the area completely with Kwik-Clean. And it’s ready to display.

For problem climates where White Mold is rampant.

Steel wool off the White Mold.  Vacuum or use a magnet to remove all the Steel Wool fibers that have be left behind.  Clean with Kwik-Clean before reapplying the patina. Then apply your patina and clean again with Kwik-Clean. Polish.